The origin of cucumber goes back to India and West Asia. North India is the original home of the cucumber where the principal species is Cucumis Hardwicki , believed to be a form of wild cucumber. Cucumber has been known in in India for over 3000 years and was only introduced to Europe around 1000 years ago. Cucumbers were eaten by the people of Iraq and the ancient Babylonian city of Ur. and some say it spread from there to the countries of South Eastern Europe (Turkey and Bulgaria), then towards Greece and from Greece to the Romans, who loved it very much and then moved to China and spread it. The Romans used cucumbers not only as food, but to treat the bites of scorpions. The name "Cucumber" in English is a derivation of the words "Cow cumber" because in the 1600’s they were believed only fit for cows (Cow) and not for humans!

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